Behn Meyer Rubber group operate under the direction of its professional team whose expertise stems from diverse technical fields combined with their technical & engineering academic backgrounds in order to provide the high value-added solutions that are required by the modern rubber industry.       
We distribute a broad range of rubber chemical products from A-Z for the rubber industry. These cover both direct materials and indirect materials such as natural & synthetic rubber-lattices, accelerators, vulcanizing additives, fillers, processing aids, resins, flame retardants, plasticizers, blowing agents, bonding agents, coupling agents, releasing agents, rubber and latex additives including processed materials such as nylon wrapping hoses, marking labels/logos, EVA low melting point bags, plastics liner sheets, bladders, envelopes, flaps, shafers and tube valves etc.          

Furthermore, Behn Meyer Rubber group also produce chemical dispersions for latex goods as well as dry rubber applications, which are manufactured by the Behn Meyer plant in Malaysia. Anti-tack, mold release agents and tire paints are produced by the Behn Meyer plant in Thailand, while processing aids are provided by our affiliate, Performance Additives Sdn. Bhd. of Malaysia as well as Performance Additives of USA. PERKACIT accelerators (DTC-Dithiocarbamate and TBzTD-Tetrabenzyl thiuramdisulfide) are provided by our affiliate, Performance Additives Italy, S.P.A. 

All of these rubber chemicals are well formulated to meet the global standards and requirements in order to serve our customers worldwide.
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